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Proprietary Technology

The key to Tarcore’s idWorkflow™ is its patented concept of displaying digital core images on the same scale as well logging data. This direct comparison of (digital) core to well logging data can be performed with software instead of the traditional method of using physical core with pencil and paper. The benefits of this patented concept are as follows:
1) Direct visual comparison of core to well logging data
2) Accurate depth matching in order to achieve the best possible solution.
3) Designed to capture all geological data including (but not limited to): Facies Identification, Log Interpretation, Sample Selection, and Core Description.
4) Ability to access data remotely from any location.
5) Re-logging of legacy core can be made with digital core images and legacy wireline data.
6) Ability to export data into multiple formats
7) Fully integrated to streamline data flow between geologists and the lab for optimal performance.
8) A proven user friendly software, having been used on thousands of cores.


The core lab processes at Loring Tarcore Ltd are integrated with our patented technology.