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Integrated Digital Workflow (idWorkflow™) is a revolutionary workflow comprised of three key components;

1) Digital Data – All data is streamlined digitally through the system, from the acquisition of data (wireline logs, borehole images, etc.) through to the final output (data exports, sample intervals, geological interpretation, etc.).

2) Integration of Laboratory and Core Logging Services – Through this approach all laboratory analytical services are fully integrated to form a coordinated, efficient process. Traditionally, three parties are involved in the process of routine core analysis after core is delivered to the laboratory: a laboratory that performs analytical services, a geological consulting company that provides core logging services (including selecting sample intervals) and the oil company. Tarcore’s idWorkflow™ provides integrated analytical and core logging services, streamlining the data transfer between the core logging geologist and the lab, resulting in a quicker turnaround of core logging and analytical data.

3) Digital Core Images – The value of core images are maximized by partially or entirely replacing physical core with digital core images in core logging process. Historically, core images/photography was used mainly for data archive purposes as an end product. Using Tarcore’s idWorkflow™, digital core images are used as raw data in core logging process in place of physical core (entirely or partially). In addition, digital images can be used to calculate other derived attributes of physical core.


Tarcore idWorkflow™ – an efficient lab process