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Oil Sands specialty Labs

Geological Consulting

Geological Consulting, led by our founder and oil sands veteran Dr. Greg Hu, is offered under H & H Consulting Inc.. With extensive geological experience in oil and gas (especially oil sands), coal, coal bed methane, potash, metals, our team of highly skilled geologists and project managers can are additional resources for your geological teams. Our expertise and services include, but not limited to:

  • Land evaluation
  • Drilling program design, permitting
  • Field operation and supervision, well site geology
  • Core logging on site and in lab
  • Sample testing plan design and sample selection
  • Analytical report QA/QC
  • Analytical data format design and data loading into database
  • Resources/reserves determination
  • NI-51-101 compliant reserves reporting
  • Ore/reservoir characterization
  • Injecting and producing well placement
  • Gas-over-bitumen issues

As an integral part of idWorkflowtm of our next generation oil sands laboratory, our geological team offers unique oil sands core logging so that your core programs are managed well and executed efficiently to deliver laboratory reports timely, especially in the following areas:

Digital Well Data Management and Interpretation System - Tarcore

Our Digital Well Data Management and Interpretation System ("Tarcore") is an online system for managing and interpreting digital well data. All digital data related to wells/holes are centralized and, once loaded, can be accessed and shared through Internet anywhere in world by any authorized people. Data include: well/hole locations (basemap), well logging data, core logging data, engineering data, and laboratory reports, etc..

Laboratory Project Management

Our team of professionals has managed both in-situ and mining projects. From small scale core projects to large scale projects, we can customize a program that best suits your needs. We have experience in the following areas:

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Cost Control
  • Data Management and tracking
  • Geological Interpretation and Sampling
  • Client and Lab Liaison

Onsite/Offsite core logging

  • Experience working in different lab environments
  • Utilizing our “Tarcore Technology” software allows us to access our digital data management system from any location.

Core Stratigraphy – including high resolution core description

  • Technical knowledge and experience in high resolution core logging. Including identification of ichnofossils, ichnofacies, sedimentary structures, geotechnical features, rock accessories, environments of deposition, lithological identification, and facies interpretation.

Legacy Well Data Interpretation

  • Accurate depth correction and interpretation of legacy data.
  • Ability to import legacy data, such as: core images, las files, raster logs into the “Tarcore” software with ease.