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October 21, 2008

Tarcore Technology Granted as a Patent
October 21, 2008

After vigorous reviews by Canadian Intellectual Property Office over a three year period, the patent application filed by our founder Dr. Yuanxian Greg Hu on August 23, 2005 was granted on October 21, 2008.

The patent, entitled DIGITAL CORE WORKFLOW METHOD USING DIGITAL CORE IMAGES is the heart of Tarcore’s technology- “Integrated Digital Workflow (idWorkflowtm)”. Our digital core image-assisted core logging software “Tarcore”, designed and created by Dr. Hu, is an example of how this patent can be commercialized. This software has been demonstrated to not only expedite the core logging process, but also provides core images that corresponds directly to well logging data, which in turn generates accurate core and sample depths.

For more information about the patent and our patent-based software Tarcore, please contact us @403-295-0588, visit http://www.tarcore.com/Technology/ or email info@tarcore.com.