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November 4, 2011

Tarcore Labs Opens its State-of-the-Art Oil Sands Analytical Facility
November 4, 2011

Loring Tarcore Labs is pleased to open its multi-million dollar oil sands analytical facility today. Located right off Highway 2 and north of 64 Avenue NE, Calgary, the state-of-the-art facility is a leading oil sands center for core handling and laboratory analytical services domestically and internationally.   The facility consists of four functional centers that are interconnected to achieve maximum operational efficiency while maintaining relatively independent work spheres to minimize interference. These four centers are Office, Laboratories, Core Storage and Client.

The state-of-the-art facility is designed to simultaneously process multiple large core programs 24/7 with analytical capabilities of a complete range of routine core analyses for both in-situ and mining oil sands projects. Laboratories Center provides analytical services of all common measurements related to the three components of oil sands core/ore: grain particles, void space (porosity and permeability) and materials that fill the void space (bitumen, water), including but not limited to, core/sample cutting, digital imaging, Dean & Stark, bitumen viscosity & density, PSD (sieve, hydrometer and laser), MBI, plug/full core porosity and permeability, water chemistry (soluble ions), X-Ray diffraction, etc.. The Client Center is accessible by our valued clients 24/7 and has multiple, large, well-ventilated viewing rooms. Each viewing room is equipped with long roller tables capable of holding any size core of typical oil sands wells. The Core Storage Center provides both short and long term storage of frozen and dry cores and samples.

Integrated with Tarcore’s patented idWorkflowtm, our oil sands speciality facility is able to meet core logging and analytical needs of any size oil sands core programs. All oil sands projects can be completed timely so that geologists will have time to interpret their data before they plan the next years drilling programs. For more information and to schedule a lab tour, please contact us @403-295-0588, visit www.tarcore.com or email info@tarcore.com.