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mail-778x1024-2Loring Tarcore Labs is a leading oil sands specialty laboratory resulting from the merger of a Canadian pioneering oil and gas laboratory with over 60 years of history and the next generation integrated oil sands laboratory.

Our history can be traced back to 1948 when Chemical & Geological Laboratories Ltd. (C&G Lab) was founded as a pioneering laboratory based on demand from the Canadian oil and gas industry. Throughout the years, C&G evolved and expanded with the industry, changing the company name three times before it eventually became part of Loring Tarcore Labs Ltd. in 2014. However, one thing that has remained consistent over the years is that the focus of the company has always been on the Canadian energy sector.

Established in 2006 through the partnership between Loring Laboratories and oil sands veteran Dr. Greg Hu, Loring Tarcore Labs Ltd.(Tarcore Labs) started as a next generation oil sands laboratory – laboratory analytical services integrated with digital core image-assisted core logging services. This approach results in Tarcore’s patented Integrated Digital Workflow (idWorkflowTM). Through the use of idWorkflowTM, a new industry trend for integrated laboratory analytical and core logging services would occur, resulting in a more timely completion of large core projects.

Building on the strengths of the long history of C&G Lab and the trend-setting innovations of Tarcore Labs, Loring Tarcore Labs is a powerhouse to serve Canada’s expanding oil sands industry for integrated laboratory analytical and core logging services. With its industry benchmark quality of analytical reports and quick turnaround time, an increasing number of domestic and international oil sands companies are selecting Loring Tarcore Labs as their primary analytical and core logging services provider.